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Bona is a family-owned company that provides products for the installation, maintenance, and renovation of wood floors. Wilhelm Edner first founded Bona in 1919. At first, it started as a small grocery store. Edner used bonvax (floor wax) to create a polished and protective surface for his floors. He recognized the potential of bonvax and soon after Bona AB was born.

Bona’s headquarters are in Sweden. But through subsidiaries and distributors, there are now over 70 locations throughout the world. Through over a century of practice, the company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and innovation. As a result, Bona is recognized as a leader in the hardwood floor industry.

What makes Bona different than the others?

In the 1970s, Bona revolutionized the hardwood floor industry by removing toxic and hazardous chemicals from their hardwood floor finisher. It was the first water-based finisher that was as reliable and effective as the regular alternatives.

Also, Bona was the first to develop a dust containment system that removed carcinogenic wood dust from air during the hardwood floor sanding process. This approach prevented any health problems from arising and made sanding easier to clean up.

Bona is known for its sustainable practices that try to limit its impact on the environment. Its products are certified by multiple international and national environmental organizations. And, Bona is the first to offer a system of waterborne hardwood floor finishers and floor care products certified for indoor air quality.

What services does Bona offer?

There is an absolute beauty that comes from hardwood floors. It strikes a balance between nature and contemporary design. Hardwood floors create an aura of finesse while still maintaining a youthful tone. Bona formulates high-quality products that develop and sustain the quality of hardwood floors.

Here are the services and products that Bona has to offer:


Bona’s coatings create aesthetically pleasing and functional hardwood floors. Safety first, all of the coatings are designed to ensure durability and slip resistance. They are formulated to endure heavy usage. This makes Bona an excellent investment, both for appeal and value.

The Bona Sealer and Finisher System is a system with endless possibilities. Both waterborne and oil-modified sealers and finisher offer different colorations and durability to your floors. The sealer adds colors and makes the finisher adhere to the floor, creating one-of-a-kind protection. The oil-modified sealers and finishers are formulated from pine trees. This makes it quick drying with minimal impact on the environment.

Another of Bona’s superior waterborne formulations is its filler. The fillers are designed precisely for filling cracks, holes, chips, and breaks in hardwood floors. It is one of the only fillers on the market that are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certified.

Staining wooden floors give it its color and richness. Bona’s low odor stains penetrate, stain, and seals bare wood. Its new DriFast Stain Collection has 26 colors. All of these stains can be mixed to create an exotic or specific color. The possibilities with this are endless.

Bona also produces oil-based products. The Bona Craft Oil® 2K is a powerful natural Oil Finish. It is super easy to work with and is ready for light use in just 8 hours. The oil strengthens the wear resistance and natural look of the floors. It also mixes colors to create a custom look.

To guarantee that these products work well, you’ll need rollers, pads, brushes, and other accessories made at the same high standards. Bona’s tools help to create the highest quality of work and make sure the floor job is a success

Floor care

Bona emphasizes effective and easy care of hardwood floors. All of its cleaners are safe for floors, families, and the environment. It is also available in tile, stone, and laminate formulations

Also, all of Bona’s cleaners are professional strength. It is also non-toxic. This means that while it is safe for children and pets, it does not comprise on quality. Additionally, it doesn’t dull floors or leave any residue.

A must have if you want to retain the elegance and nature of a hardwood floor is the Bona Refresher. The Refresher gives tired floors an oomph! It restores the beauty of wood floors and is easily re-coatable.

Certified by Greenguard for children and schools, Bona’s kits and mops provide everything needed to clean hardwood floors. The kits come complete with 32 oz Bona Professional Series Hardwood Cleaner, a durable, lightweight mop, a microfiber cleaning pad, and a microfiber dusting pad. It’s everything needed to clean hardwood floors like a pro.


Bona’s silane-based wood-flooring adhesives are perfectly balanced between elasticity and strength. The adhesives make sure the flooring stays in place and that the seams will not move apart. It is also easy to apply and clean up afterward.


Efficient and ergonomic perfectly describe Bona’s dust-free sanding machines. The machines eliminate the need for traditional hard-wood sanding, which produces a dust storm, and is terrible for your health and peace of mind.


Bona has the most aggressive and longest lasting abrasives in the industry. It delivers the best staining and finishing possible. Its anti-static properties repel and prevent dust build up. Also, it keeps the machines clean and working optimally.

All of these products and tools are not only for regular consumers but can be used for any floor. Athletic and sports floors, commercial areas, businesses, you name it, Bona can provide exceptional floors for it.


Bona encourages all to increase their knowledge on hardwood floors. To do so, they provide courses to help others understand the life cycle of the hardwood floor in a residential or commercial setting.

Through the Bona Certified Craftsman Program, those in the flooring industry can learn how to deliver outstanding results in craftsmanship and customer service. Bona’s mission is to develop a network of capable hardwood flooring experts. It also connects craftsmen with customers in need of reliable, reputable, and certified professionals for their wood flooring needs.

Another initiative the company set up is Bona’s Sand and Finish School. It is a 4-day course designed for hardwood contractors, inspectors, floor covering dealers, and distributor personnel. It teaches them the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the entire sand, stain, and finish process.

Why use Bona?

Bona has been and still is easily recommended by professionals since 1919. The company has an excellent track record for providing homes and businesses with beautiful floors. Bona is found in places exposed to daily wear and tear. Even though Bona still delivers to the demands of durability and sustainability.

While the quality always remains at a high, Bona is continuously evolving and improving its products. While it started focused on hardwood floors, Bona has included tiles, stone, laminate, resilient, and parquet to its repertoire. Bona adapts to the needs of today, always striving to make their products more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

With that being said, Bona caters to the needs of professionals, distributors, craftsmen, and regular consumers. There is something for everyone. Bona prides itself on caring for its customers to achieve the best results for their floors.

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