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It is no secret that American Products provides a wide range of flooring equipment. From floor sanders and buffers to even air lifterswe sell the whole lot! Our diverse selection of hardwood floor machines will surely cater to your every need.

So, it should be no surprise that we service our products as well. We want to satisfy all our customers’ needs, and that includes product servicing. And, our team of qualified technicians will happily check and service any machine purchased at American Products. We believe functional machines are the key to achieving beautiful floors.

It is important to know how to work with your hardwood floors. There are many factors that contribute to how well your floors turn out. In fact, most of these factors can be controlled by you.

Installing and maintaining hardwood floors can be tedious and impossible if you don’t know what you are doing. The keyword being ‘if.’ Here at American Products, we want to equip our clients with as much knowledge as we can. 

With that being said, we will be offering a continuing education course to further your knowledge on hardwood floors. Our Bona AIA & IDCEC accredited course will help you understand the life cycle of hardwood floors in a residential or commercial setting. This information can help further your career and take your brand to the next level.

So, you have been searching for a sealer for your hardwood floors. With so many products out there, which one should you choose? Lucky for you, we have a great option for you to consider. Bona IntenseSeal, formerly Bona DTS, is a specially formulated waterborne sanding sealer. It abrades easily and stops the finish from ever touching the wood surface. This premium sealer not only seals the wood but it also emphasizes the natural pigmentation of the wood. 

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