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4 Crucial Conditions for Climate Management & Control Before the Delivery of Your Wood Flooring

It is easy to view wood as a dead, unchanging material that requires little to no management before installation. But that could not be further from the truth! Hardwood is actually very dynamic—it adapts to its environment. The atmosphere and humidity play a vital role in the size, shape, and final installation of your hardwood flooring. In other words, you have to make sure the ambient conditions are just right for your wood flooring. Below, we have four key conditions that must be met before you receive your wood flooring.

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Happy Holidays From AMPRO!

2020 is winding down, but as a necessity, in-person interactions are and will remain very limited for the foreseeable future. Here at Ampro, we are exploring new ways to reach out and connect with our customers during these unique times. One major way that we are able to engage our customer base and beyond is through online content.

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