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Norton Disc SandDollar 20in. Medium/Red

Ranked #185 in  Floor Sanding Discs

Our unique patented design allows you to smooth and prep the surface of the floor to properly accept the next coat of finish without the risk of swirl marks. The foam backing pad allows the product to abrade the surface without penetrating deep into the finish for an overall smoother floor.

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Size: 20 INCH
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  • Norton SandDollar pads have a long life (approximately 1500 sf/pad) and are extremely durable and tear-resistant.
  • Norton SandDollar pads resist loading but can be easily cleaned by vacuuming off or rinsing with water and then reused.
  • Traditional PSA strips can tear and curl under easily which could leave adhesive residue on the finish. 
  • Norton SandDollar pads are flexible enough to conform to uneven surfaces, making sure the finish is abraded consistently and evenly.
  • Norton SandDollar has the life and durability of a screen, but leaves a finer scratch pattern.
  • The color coding on Norton SandDollar pads won’t wear off, so a contractor will always know what grit he is using, especially if he is reusing the pad.

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