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Norton Blaze Belt 8in x 29in 60 Grit

Ranked #54 in  Floor Sanding Belts

Engineered with a super-sharp premium ceramic grain, Blaze R975 coarse grit cloth floor sanding belts cut fast with unsurpassed longevity and are extremely effective for pre-finish floor sanding. The open-coat-grain design keeps loading to a minimum during aggressive cutting to allow efficient sanding through multiple layers of tough coatings. Featuring a super-strong and flexible, antistatic, poly-cotton backing, these belts improve tracking and versatility and minimize dust accumulation to keep your machines cleaner for a longer period of time.

Item ID: N829060BZ
Supplier Part Number: 66261150003
UPC: 662611500036
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Packaging: BOX/5
Weight: 0.45
Grit: 60 GRIT
Manufacturer: NORTON
Size: 8 x 29 INCH
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  • Super-sharp premium ceramic grain cuts fast and delivers unparalleled longevity
  • Tough, anti-static poly-cotton backing is extremely strong and flexible; improves tracking, application, and dust collection, and keeps machine cleaner
  • Open coat grain design minimizes loading and provides an aggressive cut to easily sand through multiple layers of tough coatings
  • Extremely effective at coarse grit pre-finished floor sanding

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