LM Flooring is a designer and producer of some of the best engineered wood flooring in the industry. The company began as a subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd in 2001. Fine Furniture is of one of the leading manufacturers of luxury furniture. So, LM Flooring produces the same quality and care for its products as its parent company.

LM Flooring has a grand selection of 150 styles of wood flooring. And, veteran artisans create handcrafted designs. LM Flooring provides the highest precision in wood milling and fine Italian finishing.  Made from local and exotic species, LM Flooring’s hardwood options vary in design and style. Plus, its new acrylic infused hardwood mixes natural beauty with years of durability. Here are some of its bestselling collections:

  • Bentley. One of the most versatile collections. This White Oak flooring shows the clearest grain without rustic any knots.
  • Coventry. Each White Oak plank is individually carved, molded, and stained to create a mature effect.
  • Duval. Made from durable Hickory. The Duval Collection offers you a stunning finish for busy households.
  • Glenbury. This collection brings all the vibrant and rustic colors of the European White Oak into your living space.
  • Nature Reserve. The Nature Reserve Collection brings traditional contemporary colors and elegance to your home.

LM Flooring has a 2.5 million square foot manufacturing plant in Shanghai. This makes it one of the largest manufacturers of wood flooring in the world. Regardless, the company still manages to use sustainable practices. As one of the leaders in the Green Movement, LM Flooring uses renewable and recyclable resource. It produces hardwood at a faster pace than any other hardwood flooring manufacturer.

LM Flooring believes you deserve the best products and service. So, the company always chooses the most trustworthy and professional flooring distributors. This is to make sure it delivers the highest quality of hardwood floors to your home.