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Bona Blue Anti-Static Belt 8in x 29in 100 Grit

Ranked #18 in  Floor Sanding Belts
Item ID: B829100B
Supplier Part Number: AAS467701003
UPC: 737025701000
Stock: 10 - Notify Me
Availability: Only 10 Left - Order Soon
Packaging: BOX/10
Weight: 0.40 lbs
Color: BLUE
Grit: 100 GRIT
Manufacturer: BONA
Size: 8 x 29 INCH
Price: $77.86
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  • Specifically designed for hardwood flooring
  • Innovative combination of grit materials and anti-static properties
  • More aggressive, consistent cut
  • Less dust on the floor
  • Keeps machine cleaner
  • Cloth backing
  • Less clogging

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