How long is a Layaway contract?

Layaway contracts are 8 weeks. 12-week contracts are available in store only for purchases of $400
or more.


Are there any fees?

Except where prohibited by law, an 8-week contract requires a $5 Service Fee and a 12-week layaway contract requires a $10 Service Fee.*


Can I cancel a Layaway contract? 

Yep! However, you can only cancel a contract in store and must make a full cancellation. Once you do, you’ll receive a full refund of any payments made to date (minus service and cancellation fees).


Are all items available for Layaway?

Only items featuring the label “Layaway Eligible” can be purchased with Layaway. You can find this label on the product page—just above your delivery and pickup options.


What are my payments?

4 easy payments of balance due are required after down payment for an 8-week contract and 6 easy payments of balance due are required for a 12-week contract.


What if I miss a Layaway payment?

You have a 14 day grace period after your payment due date before your contract is cancelled and items are returned to stock. A nonrefundable Cancellation Fee will apply.*

Where can I make my payments?

You can make payments in store or online in the Layaway Center. You’ll find the link in the drop-down menu when you click Your Account at the top of any page, or under the More tab on your Account page.